• Pain assessment ( if you are in pain Rachel can assess you to see if the problem is something that she can help with - problem specific advice and treatment can then be given)
  • General structural assessment (this can be very helpful because it can highlight any areas of your body that could become problematic, it is also a good idea for any sports people because this assessment can be helpful in explaining the mechanisms of how your own body moves and might explain why you find some sport activities easy or difficult, troubleshooting methods can then be discussed.)
  • Horse rider body assessment (this is an excellent assessment to have and is similar to the general structural assessment however it is geared more to the horse rider because your own body mechanics are compared with the requirements of riding a horse. It may highlight why you find some things easy or more difficult when riding.)
  • Postural assessment (helpful if you are suffering with sitting upright/if someone has commented on your bad posture or you would like a workplace posture assessment)
  • Work place working postures assessment (helpful if you would like your daily working practices assessed to find out if they are likely to cause you or your staff problems - troubleshooting methods can then be discussed.)
  • Exercise advice for all ages