• Dog and Cat assessment for changes in behaviour, gait, or for easing aches and pains associated with arthritis, joint problems, or old injuries. Keeping sporting and agility dogs comfortable.
Due to the horse's tameable nature and temperament, man has worked with them for thousands of years in a wide variety of roles ranging from work, battle, sport and pleasure. Before man tamed them the horse would have lived in the wild doing everything as nature intended. Modern day domesticated horses have to adapt to being stabled, human interaction, carrying a rider, pulling a carriage and many other 'jobs' which require them to use their bodies in ways other than living in the wild. Like humans, horses come in all shapes and sizes depending on a variety of reasons, and because of this some horses find it easier and more comfortable to adapt to their domesticated life than others. It is therefore my job to make horses as comfortable as possible for their current 'jobs' so that they can carry out their roles as comfortably as possible.
  • Horse assessment and wellness treatment to maintain their overall comfort. Depending on the horse's size and shape some can cope with these requirements better than others! But some will have areas which get achey and need some help so that they can carry on doing their job.
  • Horses don't always show that they are in pain so it can be a good idea to get your horse assessed and treated so that you know what to watch out for. Especially if your horse is showing unwanted changes in behavior or performance and gait.
  • Also if your horse has had a period of box rest they can get all sorts of postural aches and pains because they have had to stand still for a long period of time which is hard and unnatural for the horse. And they often have to offset their weight away from the injured side which can cause unwanted aches and pains and unhelpful muscle asymmetry.
  • Treatment can also be helpful for easing aches and pains which tend to build up over time due to slight gait compensations from an historic injury, arthritis, carrying/pulling an uneven load, rider asymmetry, or a sport which is mostly played from one side of the horse.